As the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program enters its sixteenth year in existence, it will remain important for the industry to find more cost effective ways to deliver services related to the program. Legal and accounting advice will continue to be integral to overall success, however, program advice provided by consultants with extensive experience in discrete areas of the NMTC program, is a viable alternative and a practical option for reducing cost. Based in Washington, DC, The Binnick Group can help your organization navigate through many of the NMTC program requirements. For instance, we can help by (i) assisting with the writing and submission of a NMTC application; (ii) managing and coordinating the process of forming and certifying Community Development Entities (CDEs); and (iii) enjoining award-winning CDEs (aka Allocatees) and Subsidiary CDEs to the Allocation Agreement. Working in tandem with participating legal counsel, the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund) and other stakeholders, The Binnick Group offers an established reputation and execution skills directly relevant to providing excellent service at below market rates.

We’ll put our nearly twenty-five years of community development experience to work for you, together with a touch of over-developed sense of urgency and a reputation for impeccable service – all designed to help you win and effectively deploy your NMTC award.