The Binnick Group works with a broad range of clients to provide NMTC solutions. TBG’s clients include CDEs who are both nonprofit and for-profit entities that are developers, financial institutions, CDFIs, operating businesses and Native American tribes seeking to deploy or utilize NMTCs. TBG services include:

Application Preparation for CDEs Seeking NMTC Allocation

The Binnick Group works with CDE clients to create award-winning strategies for NMTC applications. TBG has prepared successful NMTC applications in three of the past five application rounds, securing $101 million in the aggregate. TBG has also served as an NMTC application reviewer on behalf of numerous CDEs.

NMTC Transaction Selection, Structuring, Underwriting and Closing

The Binnick Group works with investors and CDEs to select NMTC investment opportunities, and with developers and sponsors to source much needed NMTC investment into valuable projects. TBG also assists with originating, structuring, underwriting and closing NMTC transactions.

CDE Compliance

The Binnick Group works with CDE clients to identify, understand and meet the compliance requirements of the NMTC program. TBG has assisted CDEs with: (i) training in compliance requirements; (ii) maintaining appropriate records; (iii) testing and monitoring allocation agreement and IRS regulatory compliance; (iv) CDFI Fund reporting; and (v) investor and board reporting.

CDE Formation and CDE Certification Applications

The Binnick Group works with scores of CDE clients to form and certify both emerging CDEs intending to apply for NMTC allocation and Subsidiary CDEs created for individual transactions by established CDEs.

Allocation Agreement Enjoinment

The Binnick Group works with CDEs awarded NMTC allocation (“Allocatees”), counsel across the country and CDFI Fund legal staff, to coordinate the legal opinion process that effectively enjoins the Allocatee and certain Subsidiary CDEs to the Allocation Agreement, the pre-requisite to becoming deal ready.

Service Area Amendment Requests

TBG works with scores of CDE clients to amend CDE Service Areas in order to expand a CDE’s capacity and position CDE’s to become more competitive in future NMTC Application program years.

Application Preparation for CDFIs Seeking Financial Assistance Awards

TBG participated in the 2014 Financial Assistance (“FA”) Application round as a reader and is ideally situated to assist with writing and submitting FA Applications in future funding years.

“The Binnick Group understands and has first-hand experience with all of the myriad components that are fundamental to a successful NMTC outcome. TBG’s strong industry relationships, particularly with the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (“CDFI Fund”), have proven invaluable in helping UACD deploy its allocation timely.”

Joe Summers,
Urban Action Community
Street Partners

“The Binnick Group’s experience, professionalism, tenacity and strong industry relationships are a few of the key reasons we seek to continue our long-standing relationship with The Binnick Group.”

Bill Seddon,
St. Louis Development

“Thanks for your help on getting the CDEs set up so quickly!”

 San Francisco, CA

“BTW, we ended up closing a deal in 2008, so it was incredibly useful to get our allocation agmt finalized by year end. Thanks.”

Portland, OR

“You have really done an amazing job with all of our new markets clients. You have given our practice a level of expertise and professional service that has been above and beyond all expectations”

—Herbert F. Stevens
Nixon Peabody LLP

“Enjoy your holidays and thank you again for shepherding this through the process so quickly.”

Harrisburg, PA

“Thanks for your continued high level of professional cooperation and assistance with this matter.”

Missoula, MT